What Differentiates Hazel GotYouCovered from Other Scrub Brands

At Hazel, we understand the struggle of not finding scrubs that offer your preferred level of coverage from first-hand experience. Our goal was to create a line of scrubs that offers varying levels of modesty, so you’ll be sure to find something you love!

What truly sets us apart is that all our tops are not only long-sleeved, but they are unique in that they are longer in torso length than typical scrubs on the market, providing flexibility, coverage, and room for a full range of motion without the risk of an exposed back/midriff while reaching up/bending down.

Check out our TOP products:

We have our Orchid, Daisy, and Tulip lines which are designed to reach the top of the thigh while completely covering your hips. We also have our Rose top which is designed to reach somewhere between mid-thigh to the knees, depending on how tall you are. And last, but certainly not least, we have our newest addition to our collection, the Jasmine dress- the world’s first ankle-length scrub dress!

We can guarantee you impeccable quality fabric, made to withstand the fast-paced environment many healthcare workers endure.

Confidently say goodbye to layering, sizing up to obtain modesty, and cheap-looking scrubs!

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