Our Story

It all started when I moved to Canada and decided to pursue a career in dental hygiene. In school and work, I experienced first-hand the struggle of finding comfortable, high-quality scrubs with my preferred level of coverage. Being a Muslim woman who wears the hijab, I had to layer under the short sleeves and size up a lot so the top can be longer in length to fully cover my hips, which was inconvenient and unflattering. I began to realize that there was a huge gap in the medical scrub market and that so many other people went through similar struggles I did. I recall a particular incident at the college I was attending where a few of my colleagues were penalized on a graded assessment because as they were slouching down, a part of their back was unintentionally exposed while they were working on a patient. They were outraged as this wasn’t their fault and this would happen no matter what scrubs they wore. The response they received was simply that an exposed back/midriff while working was a breach in professionalism.

Whether it is for religious reasons, or personal reasons (such as covering tattoos or scars, protecting oneself from unwanted bacterial exposure, or simply having a smaller laundry load), I knew the demand for long sleeved scrubs with proper coverage was high.

Scrubs have long been inconvenient for health workers. Safety, design, comfort, choice, and professionalism have long been compromised. At Hazel, we believe in our precious healthcare workers' needs, so we knew there needed to be a change.

I took the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity for me to fulfill my dream and start designing a new line of scrubs that would be comfortable not just for myself, but for all healthcare workers. I spent years doing extensive research on the highest quality fabrics and testing different designs to ensure that I created the best version of medical scrubs possible.

Hazel's scrubs are carefully designed to combine style and comfort at an affordable price. Our unique brand specializes in our elegant long-sleeved tops that are longer in torso length than typical scrubs on the market, ensuring full-body coverage.