Womens Scrub Tops

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Explore our range of women's scrub tops tailored for comfort and style.

Designed for Comfort and Functionality

Our collection of women's scrub tops is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of healthcare professionals. Understanding the challenges faced in medical environments, we focus on providing medical scrub tops that blend functionality with comfort. Whether you're a doctor, nurse, or technician, our tops are designed to keep you comfortable during long shifts.

Diverse Range for Every Woman

We recognize the diversity in body types and needs among healthcare workers. That's why our range includes long torso scrub tops, ensuring those who need extra length can work without the worry of exposure when reaching up or bending down. Our tops cater to personal preferences and professional requirements and are available in various colors like ciel blue, royal blue, navy blue, gray, black, Caribbean blue, white, and pink.

Sizes for Every Body

Inclusivity is at the heart of our design philosophy. Our scrub tops come in sizes ranging from XXS to 4XL, accommodating petite to plus-size figures. We believe every healthcare professional deserves a scrub top that fits well and feels great, regardless of their body type.

Advanced Fabric Technology

The material used in our scrub tops isn't just ordinary fabric. It's a 4-way stretch, breathable, and durable blend, resistant to fading and pilling. With a 3.5-degree tear strength, our tops are built to last. This advanced fabric technology ensures that our scrubs remain soft and comfortable, even after repeated washing.

Long Sleeve Options for Added Protection

Recognizing the varied needs of healthcare environments, our collection includes scrub top long-sleeve options. These long-sleeved tops provide additional protection and warmth for various medical settings. Whether for extra coverage or personal preference, our long-sleeve scrub tops are designed to offer comfort and style.

Versatile and Professional

Our hospital scrubs for women are not just about comfort and fit; they are also designed to look professional. The modern and sleek designs ensure that you look as good as you feel. Suitable for various roles within the healthcare sector, these tops help maintain a professional appearance throughout your shift.

At Hazel, we are committed to providing high-quality hospital scrubs for women. Our range of medical scrub tops is designed with the understanding that comfort, style, and functionality are key to a healthcare professional's attire. From long torso scrub tops to scrub top long-sleeve designs, we've got you covered for all your professional needs.