Scrub sets for women - medical tops, dresses and pants for nurses

Embracing Modesty and Comfort with Long-Sleeved Tops

At Hazel, we recognize women's challenges in finding the perfect scrub sets for women. Our unique approach to designing medical tops has led to a breakthrough in comfort and modesty. With long sleeves and an extended torso length, these tops ensure coverage and flexibility, allowing healthcare professionals to move freely without worrying about exposure. The range of colors and sizes caters to all preferences and body types, ensuring every woman finds her perfect fit.

Dress Scrubs for Nurses: A Blend of Professionalism and Elegance

For those who prefer a single-piece option, our dress scrubs for nurses offer a seamless blend of professionalism and elegance. The medical scrubs dress is not just about style; it provides the same level of comfort and functionality as traditional scrubs. This dress option is a nod to the evolving needs of healthcare workers who value both appearance and practicality in their work attire.

Scrub Pants for Women: Versatile Options for Every Need

Our scrub pants for women are a testament to Hazel's commitment to quality and comfort. Each style is designed to offer comfort and functionality, from the sporty Jogger Scrub Pants to the Classic Scrub Pants. The jogger pants, in particular, stand out with their modern, sporty look and practical features like adjustable yoga waistbands and multiple pockets. Both styles maintain the Hazel standard of quality with durable, soft, and stretchable fabric.

Hospital Scrubs for Women: Prioritizing Durability and Function

When it comes to hospital scrubs for women, durability and functionality are key. Our collection is crafted with high-quality materials that are breathable, fade-resistant, and tear-resistant. These features ensure that our scrubs withstand the demanding environment of healthcare settings while maintaining their comfort and appearance over time.

A Spectrum of Colors and Sizes for Every Woman

Hazel believes in catering to every woman, which is why our scrub sets come in various colors, including ciel blue, royal blue, navy blue, gray, black, and Caribbean blue. Sizes range from XXS to 4XL, accommodating petite to plus-size body types. This diversity in color and size options ensures that every woman can find scrubs that make her feel confident and professional.

The Hazel Promise: Unmatched Quality and Comfort

The hallmark of Hazel's scrubs is the unparalleled quality of the fabric used. The 4-way stretch material offers breathability and durability, resisting fading and pilling while providing incredible softness. This commitment to quality material ensures that our scrubs can endure the rigors of hospital work while keeping healthcare professionals comfortable throughout their shifts.

Meeting the Needs of All Healthcare Professionals

Our range of scrubs is designed to meet the needs of all healthcare professionals, whether they are doctors, nurses, or technicians. The functionality and style of our tops, dresses, and pants cater to the diverse roles within the healthcare industry, ensuring that professionals can stay comfortable and look their best during long shifts.

Hazel's scrub sets for women, including medical tops, dress scrubs for nurses, scrub pants for women, and hospital scrubs for women, are more than just clothing. They are a statement of our dedication to the needs and comfort of healthcare professionals. With our scrubs, you don't have to choose between style, comfort, and functionality – you get it all.